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iPhone’s Misplaced Decline Button?

Monday, 02 March 2009

There is one thing that I still have not gotten used to: the location of the “Decline” and “Answer” buttons when there’s an incoming call and the phone’s screen is not locked. This throws me off every single time.

Shawn’s write-up is great, although I think he’s overcomplicating things. On almost every phone I know and have owned over the past couple of years – even my crappy handset phone at home – the decline button was and still is on the right side while the accept button stays at the left. In Mac OS X the default actions like Save or OK are always on the right side, but I think it’s plain wrong to transfer this design decision to a complete new device with a different user interface like the iPhone.

In my opinion Apple should stick to the common model and place every decline button in the interface on the right side of the phone.

[via Shawn Blanc]