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1Password For The iPhone

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Agile Web Solution’s 1Password did the job, but I was a bit frustrated by the way it opens up links within the application. I prefer to use mobile Safari. I actually think I liked the first iteration of 1Password (the web-based solution) more than I do the full-scale iPhone app, simply because I often surf to a site in Safari, then realize I need a password. In such a case, it’s inconvenient to have to exit Safari, start up 1Password, then load the page again within 1Password.

That’s exactly what I think all the time. Since 1Password officially only supports the synchronization with their own iPhone application I don’t use it at all. I try to make new tasks in OmniFocus for iPhone which I process later on one of my Macs. The way you have to work with 1Password on the iPhone is a real bummer.

[via [View from the Dock](http://www.viewfromthedock.com/2008/09/17/catching-up-lessons-learned/ “Catching Up, Lessons Learned View from the Dock”)]