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Improvements in The Podcast Interface Are The Second Most Important Update

Saturday, 13 September 2008

In the iTunes 8 new features listing, a couple of tweaks may have been overlooked. Podcast subscribers have long yearned for more granular control over downloading and retention in iTunes

After the various bug fixes and speed improvements the updated podcast interface on the iPhone and in iTunes is the second most important change at all. Before this update you only had the possibility to change the behavior for keeping or deleting episodes for a podcast, but it was an all or nothing switch. Now you have fine grained control over every podcast you subscribed to.

The interface on the iPhone and iPod touch has also seen a lot improvements. You can see how many minutes are left for every episode you’ve already listened to. There is also a neat little bubble on the left which shows you how many percent of the episode you haven’t listened to and does this in a very convenient way. In addition to these changes there are also some more details in the list view. The information doesn’t overwhelm the user because it’s very clear designed and the supplemental data like the episode length or the release data has a smaller grey font.

I really love these improvements.

[via TUAW]